International Vanguards for Sustainable Development (IVASD)

International Vanguards  for Sustainable Development IVASD

The International Vanguards for Sustainable Development is an initiative made up of noble individuals from around the world, young and old, who are committing their time and resources towards tackling the most pressing challenges of the 21st century – climate change, poverty and hunger, among others.

Global climate change, caused by unprecedented emission of greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere, has been classified by the Security Council as the ‘biggest threat modern humans have ever faced” .

Sadly, the African continent, which accounts for less than 4 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions, is the most “vulnerable to the impacts of climate change”.

In Africa, climate change impacts are diverse and widespread, causing untold hardship and sinking millions into poverty.
From drought that affects agriculture and food production, to flooding that lead to loss of crops, properties and human lives, and even gully erosion activities.

Climate change induced gully erosion and landslide activities in the Nanka Areas of Africa’s most populous country, Nigeria, have proved to be very disastrous.

In all of these, one thing is clear; Africa desperately needs financial assistance to be able to adapt to these effects of climate change.

The homes, schools and healthcare centers that are destroyed by climate change need to be rebuilt.
The access roads in rural communities that have been cut off by expanding gullies need to be reconstructed.
How about the electricity lines and other community infrastructure that are wrecked by climate change; they need to be fixed.
And most importantly, the thousands of people who lose their sources of livelihoods to climate change need to acquire some vocational skill to get back on track and support themselves and their families.

supporting those suffering from the impacts of climate change is a moral, social and economic imperative – Antonio Gutteres. 

António Guterres:

The International Vanguards for Sustainable Development (IVASD) are working everyday and putting in their best efforts to attract needed finance and economic opportunities to improve the economic and living conditions of those that are affected by climate change.