PASDO, an acronym for Peace Advocacy and Sustainable Development Outreach, is a registered non-governmental organization for global citizens interested in fostering individual, professional and community development.

At PASDO, we are concerned about food security, social justice, sustainable development and real global problems like climate change, which manifests locally through worsening flood and gully erosion activities that destroy farmlands, livelihoods, ecosystem biodiversity, access roads, communication infrastructure among other social amenities. See more

We are peace advocates working across various projects aimed at empowering young people, grassroots and people from disadvantaged communities to improve their living conditions and also solve the problem of poverty, which we consider as major threat to sustainable development and peaceful human coexistence, and an underlying cause of crime and social vices, insecurity, militancy, and civic unrest across the globe.



Our mission is to advance sustainable development by engaging in programs aimed at promoting education and capacity building, good governance, human rights and social justice, entrepreneurship and technological innovation, environmental conservation, preservation of positive indigenous values and timely dissemination of information about development opportunities.


Our vision is of a healthy, multicultural and diversified society that coexists in fairness and prosperity, and in harmony with nature




​Among others, our mandate includes:
– To carry out projects on Climate Change and environment, health and ecosystem conservation (including preservation of biological diversity).

– To carry out projects aimed at advancing social justice, human rights and a healthy democratic society.

– To carry out projects on education and youth development, entrepreneurship, science and technological innovation, agriculture and ICT.

– To promote youth exchange, tourism and engage in other activities that enhance tolerance for cultural diversity. And to carry out projects that encourage preservation of language, culture and positive indigenous values.

– To collaborate with other bodies, private or public, towards meeting the objectives of the Organization and achieving sustainable development of the society.



Research, Documentation and Consultancy (Development of Toolkits, Manuals, Articles, etc)

Advocacy/campaign activities

Capacity building

Youth Engagement and mentorship


Vocational training for sustainable livelihood



Agriculture, Livelihoods and Entrepreneurship

ICT, Science and technology

Cultural tolerance and peace

Environment: Climate Change, Gully Erosion and Biodiversity Conservation

Social Justice, human rights, and democratic society

Leadership development

UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

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