China Africa Peace Initiative (CAPI) - Call for VOLUNTEERS (African language instructors and other support)

We are looking for volunteers who can help with guiding some Chinese nationals through making short videos in selected local African languages.

Interested applicants that meet the criteria should:

Click on the “Apply Now” button at the end of this page to fill out an application form. 
Applicants coming from the UNV platform will have the opportunity to link this form to the application they’ve already made at UNV. The UNV applicants should use the Motivation section on their UNV application to show that they understand the objective of this work.

More Information.

Each volunteer may handle up to 10 Chinese participants, and they will need to use email, WeChat or WhatsApp (depending on what is available to the Chinese participants paired to the volunteer) to communicate with the participants until they are able to teach them how to speak the local African language needed for a short video (maximum of 3 minutes). 

This is part of PASDO’s China-Africa Peace Initiative (CAPI) aimed at managing the tension between Africa and China resulting from the handing of the second wave of coronavirus in China.

The volunteer can be from any country but should be fluent in English and should know how to speak (and write) one of the African languages of interest listed below. Proficiency in Chinese language is desired but not mandatory.

The volunteer should be someone who has the patience and ability to teach.

On some occasions (especially for applicants residing in Botswana, Lesotho, Mozambique and Senegal), we will need to verify the identity of volunteers with a government issued photo ID (like driver’s licence, voters card, travel passport or national ID card) and proof of residential address.

Also, the volunteer should be willing to assist with other administrative assignments that may include:

Publicity: seek out and work with media outfits, organizations, bloggers and social media influencers (individuals with large number of social media followers) in volunteer’s country that will be willing to use their accounts to publicize the videos from CAPI free of charge. 

Monitoring and documentation: follow CAPI related posts on social media, monitor and document the reactions from Africans. 

Assist with anchoring and managing PayPal account (only for volunteers in specific countries). 


List of African Languages of interest: 
Akan (filled up)
Hausa (filled up)
Igbo (filled up)
Luganda (filled up)
Nigerian Pidgin English (filled up)
Northern Sotho
Sudanese Arabic (filled up)
Swahili (filled up)
Tswana (filled up)
Yoruba (filled up)


There is no monetary compensation or reimbursement for this role.
However, we’ll be happy to issue Certificate of Participation in appreciation of the efforts of each volunteer.


The handling of the second wave of the coronavirus infections in China left a little more to be desired as local Chinese officials, especially in the Guangdong province, launched a crackdown that unfairly targeted black Africans in a move that has been widely condemned as racist.

Video footage of such ill treatments quickly spread in Africa via social media, sparking outrage and deepening the hatred for China among many Africans who, hitherto, already felt that China was responsible for their sufferings – by bringing about the virus that led to current wide scale lock-down and consequent hunger and economic hardships.

This development has put at risk the lives of the 1-10 million Chinese citizens thought to live in Africa, including their businesses and interests, as angry Africans edge towards reprisal attacks.

A number of ordinary Chinese citizens are signing up to PASDO’s China-Africa Peace Initiative (CAPI), where they make endearing videos to denounce hatred for black Africans and help calm the tension in order to avert a full blown conflict.

They need some volunteers that can guide them through making the short videos in local African languages so that the videos can have better impact.