We hereby issue another round of call for well meaning members of the general public to make donations to PASDO.


A chunk of the donations received at this time will go to our Coronavirus Crisis Response Program for Nigeria (CCRPN) and will be dedicated to running the program as well as providing vulnerable Nigerians with food supplies, face masks (which have become compulsory in some states) and other basic needs.


To donate, click on the Donation Form below to fill it out and use any of the available donation options to complete the process. 


More information, including a simple guide on the donation options and picture of a CCRPN sample Donor Certificate can be found below.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Crisis Response Program for Nigeria (CCRPN)

How much would you like to donate?
Click on the amount box below to type in a custom amount or kindly select any suitable amount from the drop down menu under the amount box.


Note that the figure donated here is what will be printed on your Donation Certificate (see sample at the bottom of this page), so you might want to consider edging it up a bit.

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Donation Total: ₦ 20,000

Occasionally, we make open calls for donations, inviting the general public to make financial commitments to support our work.

This mostly happens when there is an emergency situation in which our inevitable intervention could lead to serious depletion of our budget.

We try our best to not only see that the funds donated are judiciously used, but, in appreciation, we also go the length to provide our donors with some compensation, no matter how little.

For this current donation season related to covid-19, we have resolved that, for the next one year, all donors be given access to premium benefits that are otherwise exclusive to only paid members of PASDO.  

As a donor, you will benefit from one or more of the following, among others; 

  • Donor Certificate: you will receive a Donor Certificate, which will serve as a verifiable proof of your support for humanitarian causes, the current Covid-19 crisis and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
    This would certainly look good on your CV and will help boost your personal and professional profiles.

  • Contract awards: all donors who, going forward, may wish to execute contracts for our organization will, just like paid members, receive special points during the assessment stage of our regular Call for Tenders – leading to award of contracts to undertake a construction project, offer service (as consultants) or supply equipment and materials to our organization. This will be open to individuals and registered businesses.
  • Market Access Program: under this program, we recruit and train, on behalf of partner companies, technical installers and city representatives in all 36 states of Nigeria and the FCT. Trainees get absorbed and go on to support the businesses of their respective sponsor companies. All donors who wish to take part in this will receive member-level treatment during selection.

  • Affiliate Connect and other programs: Like paid members of PASDO, donors who wish to participate in our Affiliate Connect Program (ACP) within the next one year will qualify for varying levels of discount codes to subsidize the cost of registering with participating enterprises on the platform.
    Also, member-level access will be available to donors for all other programs of PASDO, including the Young Researchers Award (which awards financial grants to undergraduate and graduate-level students in tertiary institutions in Nigeria carrying out final year projects in areas of interest), the Gender and Social Sustainability Program, etc.

Kindly note that all programs stated above will be publicized for the attention of interested donors through suitable means, including emails and SMS. Also, the level of support to be received for some programs might be dependent on the amount donated.

Here’s a small guide about the options you’ll see when you click on the donate button. Feel free to try out the options and go with whichever works for you.

This involves the use of debit card issued by a bank and can be quite an easy and straightforward process.
Just input your card details and perform the verifications that will show up so as to make your donation. 
You can try other options if this doesn’t work well for you.

Just the way you dial some codes to recharge your line directly from your bank account, you can make your donation. In this option, you will be provided with a code to dial and follow the on-screen prompts in order to effect the donation. After that, you’ll need to return to the website to click on “Confirm Payment” so that your donation can be registered.
Available banks include Guaranty Trust Bank (code starts with *737…), United Bank for Africa (code starts with *919…) and Sterling Bank (code starts with *822…).
You can try other options if this doesn’t work well for you.

If you use the mobile app of some banks (such as Ecobank, FirstBank, Fidelity, Access Bank or Zenith bank), then you try this method. It involves scanning a QR code to perform the donation. 
You can try other options if this doesn’t work well for you.

This gives you the chance to input your account number on the payment platform and follow some on-screen instructions and verifications to make the donation. It is available for Wema Bank, First Bank, Sterling Bank, UBA and Zenith Bank.
You can try other options if this doesn’t work well for you.